Agro Oriente Viveros S.A.C. Is a family business who se commercial name is ORQUIDEAS AMAZONICAS, is dedicated to the cultivation, production, commercialization and export mainly of Peruvian orchid species, as well as other ornamental plantssuch as bromeliads, ferns, heliconias, Anthuriums, amongothergroups of plants, possesses a stock of more than 200,000 plants and 1000 speciesgrown in theirnurseries

TheCompany has 2 Production Centers:

I.- Moyobamba Production Center: Located on the out skirts of thecity of Moyobamba at 800 masl, with an area of 3 hectares where are located the 10 nurseries or homes meshes where the species of intermediate climate and the species of warm climate are cultivated.

II.- Progress Production Center: Located in the District of Yambrasbamba in the Department of Amazonas, at 2150 masl, withan area of 6 hectares where 2 nurseries or mesh homes are located there are cultivated species of cold climate. It also has a primary forest that constitutes its reserve area or conservation for walks or walkst o observe orchids in habitat.

III.- Laboratory of Micropropagation:It has a modern laboratory that allow to realize micro propagation In Vitro on a commercialscale.

Thecompany has two sales centers:

I.- Moyobamba Sales Center:Located in thecity of Moyobamba, with 1500 m2 consists of a sales store where all the flower in plants produced in nurseries or production centers, with exterior gardens and meshhomes are exhibited and sold.

Addressby: Jr. Reyes Guerra 900

Hours of attention: Everydayfrom 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cost of entrance: 5 soles

II.- Tarapoto Sales Center:Located on the out skirts of thecity of Tarapoto, Sector Achual, with 2700m2 consists of a sales shop where all the flower ingplantsproduced in thenurseriesorproduction centers are exhibited and sold, with exterior gardens and Meshhomes.

Address: Carretera a la Bocatoma by Takiwasi, opposite Hampichicuy.

Hours of attention: Everyday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cost of entry: 8 soles

The company has been awarded the Excellence Award, PREMIC 2013, Citi Award for Microenterprise.

The nursery is currentlyled by Karol Villena Bendez˙, who in herited from his parents the love of plants and the passion to collect a variety of ornamental species; Karol, a biologist by profession, has achieved the internationalization of the company and has been the winner of the Women's Micro Entrepreneur 2012 contest organized by the financial institution Crediscotia, and the National Entrepreneurial Woman Award 2015, granted by PCM Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru