We began thirty-five years ago, when our parents Mirtha and Renato Villena decided to settle in the beautiful city of Moyobamba, our father's native land; Our mother marveled at the beauty of plants and flowers and with the pleasant and suitable climate of the region, began to cultivate the different species of orchids, bromeliads, begonias, anturios, etc .; Of course always with the help and advice of her husband who is an agronomist, and the enthusiasm of her four little children, so we gradually made our garden a beautiful garden, which attracted many visitors, soon after our garden became In a bound destination of all that tourist who wanted to know and to appreciate the extraordinary variety of orchids and plants of the region.

These constant visits and the growing demand for plants and flowers, which our mother cultivated with great love, encouraged us to become a nursery, and to initiate the propagation of her plants. With the support of local authorities and the advice of SERFOR we create the Agro Oriente Nursery, our family business.

Our constant desire to collect different species and varieties of ornamental plants, as well as our indisputable love for them, has made us the most diverse and diverse nursery in Peru, being recognized in 1986 as the largest germplasm bank in Peruvian orchids.


Currently Agro Oriente Viveros S.A.C. Is one of the largest and most modern in Peru, as it has a stock of more than 200,000 plants at 1000 species, cultivated in 2 Production Centers In Moyobamba the intermediate and hot climate and in Amazonas for cold climatef , and has modern Laboratories that allow to realize micro propagation In Vitro in commercial scale.

The nursery now known as ORCHIDAS AMAZONICAS is currently run by Karol and Milton Villena, who inherited from our parents the love of plants and the passion to collect a great variety of ornamental species; With a professional training in biology and industrial engineering respectively, we have achieved the internationalization of our company and annually we participate in important exhibitions of plants around the world, such as Redland International Orchid Festival in Miami, Pacific Orchid Exposition in California, IPM in Essen Germany, Orquicaracas In Caracas Venezuela, European orchid conference and show in Padova Italy, among others.