Dear Customer

If you want to make a order for deliver at the follow orchid shows please contact to or for to send you the Price List in PDF format with images and important information for a better selection of your order.

Upcoming events where we will participate:

- Tamiami International Orchid Festival 2017 in Miami 13th-15th January 2017 . USA

- Japan Grand Prix Intenational orchid Festival 2017 in Tokyo 11th-17th February 2017 . JAPAN

- Pacific Orchid Exposition POE 2017 in San Francisco 24th-26th February 2017 . USA

- RHS London Orchid Show 2017 in London 28th-29th March 2017 . England

- Redland International Orchid Festival 2017 in Miami 19th-21th May 2017 . USA


1.- Our prices are in US Dollars.

2.- According to International regulations, the plants must be shipped bare root, that means free of substrate. In order to provide the plant with the necessary hydration, we covered its roots with sphagnum moss.

3.- We can deliver your order while attending an Orchid Show close to you.

4.- For direct importation, the cost of CITES, phytosanitary etc. will depend of the size of your order.

5.- For orders to deliver at the Orchid Show you have to add $1.5 to $2.5 per plant to cover the exportation and importation expenses.

$1.50 for USA and American Continent.

$ 2.00 for Europe

$ 2.50 for Asia and Australia.

6.- The payments are in cash at the shows with the delivery of the order.